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Four steps to improve relations offensive was launched REACH footwear product competitiveness

Refers to "chemicals registration, evaluation, licensing and registration," the EU on market access for all chemicals of a preventive management of chemicals management legislation. It is similar to special products (merchandise) registration, licensing and permit system, the burden of proof will be complete chemical safety information to companies who advocate "no data, no market." February 2001, the EU announced "future chemicals policy strategy," White Paper; in May 2003 published a consultation document for public consultation; October 2003 motion to submit the final formation of the Council of Ministers REACH regulations discussed; in November 2005 adopted a REACH Reading; December 13, 2006, the European Parliament 529 votes to 98 votes against, 24 abstentions REACH legislation on the Second Reading; REACH regulation will be June 1, 2007 came into force in June 2008 1 started.

  First strike and then knock off the EU REACH door
Accelerate industrial upgrading is a good way of response to REACH
U.S. goods blocked in Belgium, China Export Germany, 200,000 pairs of Leather shoes "Stranded" in Nanjing, the Irish developed a fine of 3 million euros and the maximum prison sentence of two years of the program ... ... Since 2009, these international trade friction because of a law: the European Union REACH ("on Chemicals Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction "regulations for short) regulations.

  With economic globalization and trade liberalization, tariff barriers have been greatly weakened, the increasing trend of technical barriers to trade has been very clear. For China Chemical industry Enterprises, the current impact of REACH legislation is a most widespread technical barriers. Because the REACH regulations, China and the EU 140 billion euros per year in trade all have been affected and hurt.

  Especially for export-oriented economy dominated enterprises, technical barriers to trade by the greater impact. AQSIQ introduced Cong, director of REACH solution, the chemical industry, the REACH regulation and increased costs, will make our country to the EU Oil And chemical products, a general increase in export costs, thus weakening the competitiveness of Chinese products, some Chinese companies may even withdraw from the EU market, especially the SMEs, which can not even balance the expenditure in this area have closed down. Moreover, the EU is China's major source of petroleum and chemical products, especially high-tech, high value-added products, the EU can not do without a time of supply. After the implementation of REACH regulation, the high registration fee assessment will turn into product cost increases in these costs will undoubtedly have to pay import enterprises in China.

  Objectively speaking, the direct purpose of technical barriers to trade is to protect human safety and health, to maintain the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, protect the ecological environment and promoting sustainable development. However, our overall low-tech export products, the standard system is not robust, difficult to align with international standards; the same time, many businesses on the international and foreign standards and technical management measures not know much about the lack of response measures, resulting in China's export products are those regulations and standards of the serious impact, and thus suffer a great loss. Cong believes that more companies want to combine the practical, Positive response is good policy .

  First, enterprises should do ahead of time gathering data and other information. For example, to determine whether their product registration, which requires testing, which can be exempted from the need to register the products in which time period is required for registration, registration of what data needed to strengthen the communication with the upstream and downstream links.

  Second, take the time to the implementation of REACH regulation. For example, in accordance with the REACH regulations, to December 1, 2008 Pre-registration has ended, no registration or pre-registration phase substances prohibited from entering the EU market. But in fact, after some pre-registration opportunities, understanding of these enterprises will not miss the registration of a.