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China shoe tariff by the Association of Southeast Asian Nations buffer EU anti-dumping

HC shoe net December 29 hearing, the European Union, ASEAN, the two markets, the Chinese shoe enterprises are taking place for some subtle changes.

  China? ASEAN Free Trade Area will be January 1, 2010 fully completed, China's imports from ASEAN products, 93% of the products will be zero tariff, average tariffs in ASEAN will be reduced to 0.1%. Similarly, ASEAN would be more than 90% of China's zero tariff products.

  This means that the EU continue to impose high Anti-dumping Tax Chinese shoe, just to ease through the ASEAN market impact of the EU's trade friction.

  Want to avoid trade barriers, ASEAN set up factories
Last week, the EU Council of Ministers to continue in China by Leather shoes 15 months imposed anti-dumping duties. "EU anti-dumping shoes alliance should" sponsor, Guangzhou create letter Shoes Chairman Wu Zhenchang, after years of hard work still can not get rid of is the fate of anti-dumping duties imposed, the decision to seek another new countermeasures.

  Wuzhen Chang spoke with CBN to accept the help of China? Zero-tariff free trade zone opportunity, ready to shift some production lines to Southeast Asia, which will play later to avoid trade friction very helpful, Indonesia, Cambodia, have a certain shoe-based national investment intentions are his place. Together in a variety of factors, he considered it necessary to take that step.

  This year, the annual Export Letter of billions of dollars in Guangzhou record export orders fell 34 percent footwear. "In fact, exports to the EU accounted for less than 10% of our total exports, but as Nike Adidas such giants of international purchasing and sales to global, economic downturn, reducing costs for the centralized procurement will consider the best you can, so not only involved in the EU export products processing plant moved to Southeast Asia, but also with a global product sold in other markets with the transfer orders are to go. "

  Chinese customs statistics show that in 2009 the first 10 months, China exported 6.74 billion pairs of shoes, and down 3.4% compared to last year, worth 21.88 billion U.S. dollars, down 5.9%. Among them, the ASEAN exports 710 million U.S. dollars, a substantial increase of 49%, while exports of both Europe and the United States declined.