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Footwear market\'s health survey used no protection against large - shoes, shoes, shoes

HC shoe net Sept. 25 hearing, some vendors will acquire from old Leather shoes After washing, painting, refueling and other simple processing, "repackage" the night market on Sell Sales are mainly migrant workers. Reporter visited the night market "problem skin Shoe "After trying to feel out the renovation of" junk shoes "black workshop is located. Yesterday morning, the journalists will report to the relevant departments, relevant departments have claimed that it had not owned their own management.

  Wearing shoes seven days suffering renovation beriberi
A construction site in Nanjing Hexi working for Mr. Wang from Anhui, 1,500 yuan a month income. His dry heavy live on site, shoes always bad, every year for more than 10 pairs of shoes, buy new shoes are expensive, they are a little reluctant. Not long ago, Mr. Wang again to Andrew Mun night market stalls, accidentally discovered a night market stalls selling second-hand shoes, he saw two pairs of cheap to buy.

  "These shoes are not new shoes, but it looks pretty good, prices are cheap, can buy a pair of twenty or thirty dollars, I spent 40 dollars bought two pairs of leather shoes, two pairs of shoes to wear for a week round the The results are two feet long athlete's foot, itching incomparable. "Wang said ground feet every day, he had never won athlete's foot, so suspected to have the disease is to buy second-hand shoes because they caused.

  Mr. Wang bought dozens of dollars smearing cream, athlete's foot began to improve. "I suffer, and can not allow more people to suffer." Yesterday afternoon, Mr. Wang had complaints on the matter. More than 8 points last night, under the guidance of Mr Wong, reporter Andrew Mun find stalls that sell second-hand shoes. Stalls arrayed with a variety of shoes, shoe surface is bright, but wrinkles on the shoes to see that this is a refurbished deal. "How much is a pair of shoes? Through it?" Asked vendors. "20 yuan." Busy street vendor said this is the old shoes, bought from a shoe factory, and they re-processing before sale to ensure quality is no problem. After the shoe's style is old-fashioned excuse, immediately left the scene, not far from the cat in the vicinity, after the close observation of the fate of vendors.

  Recycling old shoes do not disinfect
9:00 last night, second-hand shoes vendors closed, and the reporter has been followed subsequently, quickly found the renovation of the house shoes dens, dens, Jianye District, Sha Chau is located in residential area near the street, inside the 10,000 pairs of all kinds shoes, some shoes have thick visible mold, and some red shoes imprinted above, such as blood.

  Several men and women within the processing point of these shoes are being processed, the reporter saw the workers first cleaning shoes, shoes on the dirt will be removed, then carefully fill the shoes of breakage and wear marks to the shoes after the "fixed", the completion of shoes repaired, workers skilled in the three wooden wedge into the shoes, the workers said the shoes to be fully formed, on to the final steps to the shoes, "polish" that the spray painting, the placement of signs, and finally renovated into a new shoe box, refurbished shoes look eight Jiucheng Xin, will sell well.

  Dens filled out a tricycle on a scrap of leather shoes, shoes all dirty, but has also spread foul smell. According to an insider, more of these shoes are Shou Polan picked up from the garbage heap, and then focus on selling these refurbished shoes, and these were then sold for processing, vendors of the shoes renovation, it did not disinfected.