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The main advantage of water-based PU glue
No, although water-based PU adhesive unit price (price / Kg) high, is about 3 times the oil-based PU adhesive, but due to its high solids, oily PU adhesive is 3-4 times the unit weight of water-based PU glue production capacity is oil-based PU rubber shoes 3 times, so the final cost is not converted but lower rise.

  (2) using water-based PU adhesive, allows enterprises to reduce investment in the relevant environmental protection facilities, help businesses save costs.

  3, using water-based PU glue will affect the production efficiency it?
(1), since the products of skilled operators still take some time, so early might affect productivity.

  (2) If the plant can be effective management, specialized staff training, with the operation of increasingly skilled workers, production efficiency will be further enhanced.

  (3) in the pre-training counseling process, tyrants force tracking companies, and provide patient and quality service.

  4, Pa aqueous PU adhesive force compared to the other company has the major advantage of

  (1) water-based PU adhesive force Pa with full intellectual property rights, which many other companies can not match.

  (2) Pa is a force more than 15 years of professional experience for Shoes manufacturers, has extensive experience.

  (3) Overlord power company has a complete technical service network, home in time to resolve customer technical questions.