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Water-based polyurethane adhesives for shoes research - shoes, adhesives, water-based polyurethane adhesives - shoe industries
20 century, accompanied by large numbers of various machines, hand-made by the footwear industry to the high degree of mechanization, assembly-line direction rapidly. Create changes in the way of traditional natural products adhesives can not meet production requirements. Synthetic adhesive Become the main type of shoe adhesive.

In the new production conditions, shoe adhesive should have the following properties:
(1) on different crystalline material should have high adhesive strength, high peel strength specifically requested;
(2) the high initial adhesion bonding, to adapt to the needs of the production line;
(3) sizing process is simple, easy to operate, use of adjustable;
(4) adequate heat resistance, good water resistance, adhesive lasting.

20 30s to ordinary neoprene adhesive, represented the first generation of shoe adhesive, shoe production was basically meet the requirements for the shoe to make a great contribution to industrialization. With PVC Leather , PU Synthetic Leather In the system Shoes In large-scale use, as ordinary neoprene adhesive for adhesive effect of these synthetic materials is poor, with methyl methacrylate (MMA) grafted neoprene adhesive and solvent-based polyurethane adhesive to represent the second generation of shoe adhesive appears and its bonding properties of synthetic materials, fine, as shoe-making industry, the main varieties used in adhesives. Above three types of long-term adhesive used in the footwear industry occupies the majority of adhesive market, which used three types of adhesive solvent benzene enormous global environment pollution, the toxicity caused by a large number of shoe workers in multiple diseases, the problem with the environmental awareness and enhance safety awareness, increasing attention has been paid. As environmental regulations on the provisions of benzene using increasingly stringent, third-generation non-Benzene solvent ordinary neoprene, neoprene and polyurethane adhesive graft into the traditional adhesive generation product, despite the third-generation shoe adhesive resolved benzene pollution and poisoning problem, but can not fundamentally resolve the adhesive caused by the use of organic solvents volatile organic compounds (VOC). 90 20th century, Europe and the United States set strict standards for volatile organic compounds, to promote the fourth generation of completely environmentally friendly adhesives for shoes there, mainly for solvent based and water-based adhesive.