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Quanzhou general leather industry associations
June 10, Quanzhou Leather Industry Association, the second member of Congress. SOCIOLOGY MONTHLY peak Ampuy Industry Co., Ltd., Quanzhou Leather Industry Association re-elected, president of Hua-chun Industrial Leather Technology Co., Ltd., Fujian Hua Chang Holdings Ltd chairman Zhang Jincong, Jin Jiang Zhongyu Leather Co., Ltd. Chairman Ding Delin, etc. 10 companies, acted as Vice President.

China Leather and Footwear Industry Research Institute Yangcheng Jie, China Leather Industry Information Center, the National Information Center, Ren Xieheng footwear industry, and the Economic Commission Quanzhou, Quanzhou Environmental Protection Agency, EPA Jinjiang, Jinjiang City Economic Development Council and other related unit leaders served as consultant to the Association.

"Leather industry is an eternal industry, the majority of leather business to its role in the conviction cases, and social harmony, emphasis on environmental protection, driving equipment, technology, products the escalating Strengthening technical innovation and clean production, to become a has social responsibility of industry. "Yang Chengjie industry in the General Assembly to encourage the general membership.

Deputy Secretary General of China Leather Association, the Technical Commission of Chen Zhanguang leather revealed in the General Assembly, as the financial crisis increasingly reduced, since the second half of last year, China's leather industry showed good development trend. But the environmental issue has always been in the leather industry spans across the front of the most difficult of a "big mountain", then the state of the leather produced in the ammonia emissions from sewage, chlorine ion concentration will be higher demands, which the leather industry is a bigger challenge.

"Quanzhou leather industry occupies an important position in China, environmental pressures also increased." Chen Zhanguang introduced China Leather Association, recently established the "Environmental Action Group self-regulation", the group will lead the country's leather industry include Quanzhou leather industry, the introduction of new technologies, new processes, they should strengthen pollution control industry, tanning industry to help take off contaminated "hat."

Correct Grasp of Law said: "Strengthening of the 'environmental self-regulation' will be the leather industry in Quanzhou future focus will lead the member associations to strengthen technical exchanges, mutual help, and jointly promote the leather industry, industrial upgrading, Quanzhou, and ultimately to achieve cleaner production."