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European and American safety footwear requirements and respond to - footwear industries

According to official statistics, China Customs in 2007 China exported 1.35 billion pairs of shoes to the EU, growth of 14.3% over the previous year; 1 February 2008, the number of exports to the EU grew 3.5% over 2007. The United States and Europe, as China's footwear exports high-end market, while exports have maintained good momentum this year, but the high-end market has also led to strict technical barriers to the export threshold elevation. October 2007, in United States Textile Clothing Security Symposium on the U.S. side said: the "toy recall" events, the U.S. government pay close attention to quality and safety of imported products, may introduce a new bill to strengthen children under 8 years old clothing and footwear imports and regulating formaldehyde detection content standard, substandard products will be prohibited from entering the U.S. market; EU exports of footwear products for me to take the technical trade measures is emerging, such as footwear with leather PC P residues determined to be strict, in June 2007 from the full implementation of the REACH legislation on the EU market and access to the EU market, mandatory registration of all chemicals, assessment and licensing and implementation of security Monitor .

  To help the footwear manufacturers and traders to further our understanding of the safety footwear requirements, learn about new technical barriers, to avoid export risks, Intertek Intertek Group, the shoe department sincerely invite you to participate in European and American footwear free product safety requirements and should Seminar!

  Symposium Europe and the United States footwear market and regulatory requirements;
Europe and the United States market for footwear products, quality requirements;
China shoe footwear and regulations and how to deal with Buyer Requirements.
Conference program Dongguan: Lecturer; Mr. Huang Ning (AndyHuang)
Time: April 17, 2008 Thursday, 2:15 ~ 3:15 pm
Location: Seventh China Dongguan China Shoes Footwear Machinery Exhibition (2008-04-16 to 2008-04-18)
Dongguan (Houjie) Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center on the 3rd Conference Center Room A
INTERTEK Intertek Group Booth Number: K08
Jinjiang: Lecturer; Miss Wu Huiqun (WinniWu)
Time: April 20, 2008 Sunday 3:00 pm ~ 4:30 pm
Location: Tenth of China (Jinjiang) International Footwear Expo
Fujian Jinjiang SM International Plaza Exhibition Center
Cost: Free Lecturer Description: Mr. Huang Ning (AndyHuang) Mr. Huang Ning (AndyHuang), textile and footwear laboratory senior manager, Chinese individuals Protective equipment Standardization Technical Committee, the State

  Experts Database Expert Committee. Textiles and footwear industry production and testing for more than 13 years, has served more than 1,000 customers in more than familiar with Europe and the United States, Canada, Japan, Australia and other regions of the textile, footwear, safety shoes, safety product standards and testing technology many times to carry out technical exchanges in Hong Kong and the UK and academic research.